Derek's Adventures - 01 The Beginning

The Story

The Year is 2117. While his years of being a poor grinder are long past, Derek still experiences the limitations of being labeled a Grinder in his every day, day-to-day life. So when the oppertunity arrives to get his hands on an invite card to one the country's most popular entertainment facilities, one he'd normally wouldn't be allowed in to due to his grinder status, he grabs the oppertunity with both hands. What is a little illigal hacking, when it get's you the best entertainment money can buy?

Upon arrival at the Entertainment facility, Derek quickly learns that while as good as always hyped about by people, the real use of the entertainment equipment is for something out of his wildest dreams.

The Comic

This comic contains 144 pages, in 1920x1080 HD resolution. Completely uncensored!
Provided as PDF, with a bonus selection of 1920x1080 renders without text bubbles, for use as wallpaper.

Compatible with Mac, PC’s, Tablets and Linux!


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